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You are most welcome to inspect our stock and kennels, by appointment please. My Poodles are country reared, but only 45 minutes from Melbourne CBD.

Garwey Kennels was established in 1960 with Welsh Corgis (Pembroke). We exhibited and bred top winning BIS Corgis and miniature Poodles through to the 1990”s.  we have now  Toy Poodles. 
Garwey Toys have won TOP POODLE OF THE YEAR (ANY VARIETY) PCV. & R/U 2007 & NOW IN 2008 WE HAVE FINISHED NO. 1. 2. AND 3.                                             
In the early 1970’s I purchased my first Miniature Poodle and won 10 Best Exhibit in Show. Puppies from this bitch, over the years, have won many Best Exhibit in Show and In Show awards. Also Many awards with the Poodle Club of Victoria, including, Best Puppy, Junior, Intermediate, all Varieties, and Best Miniature, and the highlight was winning BREEDER OF THE YEAR award with my small kennels.

I have exhibited and or bred Champions in five breeds since 1960, Welsh Corgis Pembroke and Cardigan, with my Pembroke’s taking many Best in Show and Royal CC’s. Poodle’s Miniature and Toy and again my Miniatures were amongst the top winners. A Keeshond which my husband exhibited and won many Best In-Groups and In shows awards.

I attained my Championship Show Judging license for Group 5 Working dogs at 18 years of age, the youngest in Australia at the time to gain a license. I have judged in most states of Australia and New Zealand including many specialties shows. Also I was the inaugural President of the Junior Kennel Club of Victoria and Life Member and inaugural Secretary of The Australia Day International Dog Club.

We at Garwey have always bred for quality not quantity and hope that our new Toy Poodles will proudly carry on with the Garwey Prefix.


Email: [email protected]

Phone No:  (Aust) 03 57 831 499



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Lyn O'Neill
Wallan, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0422826496
Email : [email protected]


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